Entry Title: " Manitoba Hydro Place"
Category: Professional, Industrial
Designer(s): Bruce Kuwabara (partner-in-charge), Luigi LaRocca (senior associate), John Peterson (project architect), Kael Opie (project architect), Lucy Timbers, Glenn MacMullin, Ramon Janer, Javier Uribe, Taymoore Balbaa, Steven Casey, Clementine Chang, Chu Dongzhu, Virginia Dos Reis, Andrew Dyke, Omar Gandhi, Bettina Herz, Eric Ho, Tanya Keigan, Steven Kopp, John Lee, Norm Li, Eric Johnson, Andrea Macaroun, Rob Micacchi, Lauren Poon, Rachel Stecker, Matt Storus, Richard Unterthiner, Dustin Valen, Francesco Valente-Gorjup, Marnie Williams, William Wilmotte, Paulo Zasso

Entry Description:

Manitoba Hydro, the primary energy utility in the Province of Manitoba, set ambitious goals for its new headquarters, inclusive of energy efficiency, urban revitalization, and a supportive workplace. The 700,000 square foot, 22-storey office tower occupies a full block in the centre of Winnipeg, a city notorious for its extreme climate and a downtown in recovery from severe economic downturn in the late 20th century. The site was selected for its strong connection to the citys transit system and a raised walkway system that connects the buildings of the downtown core. The form and massing directly respond to the climate while the architecture revives the citys former Chicago-scale urban spirit. The relocation of 2000 employees from 15 suburban offices to the downtown also represents a watershed in the corporations shift to a collaborative culture and a commitment to give back to the community by making a visible investment in the downtown revitalization initiative with a signature architectural image. The design also visibly manifests Manitoba Hydros commitment to environmentally responsible practice, achieving an unprecedented 64.9% energy savings by harnessing maximum passive solar, wind and geothermal energy. To achieve the seamless integration of design and performance goals, Manitoba Hydro mandated that the solution result from a formal Integrated Design Process (IDP).

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