Entry Title: " Sawyer"
Category: Professional, Simple transportation
Designer(s): Jurgen Kuipers

Entry Description:

A bike is a very good environmental means of transport. When a bike is also attractive and cool looking, the fun factor of using it is a stimulant for biking.
Sawyer is a handmade lowrider/cruiser with a custom made birch plywood frame. The bike has an extraordinary look with the use of plywood and highlights like the chainline. A uniquely designed bike with an elegant look and a comfortable ride.
An important thing about the design of this bike is that it has an enormous visual appeal, which narrates about design, sustainability and mobility. Handmade versus mass production, the coolness of pedal power, born out of craftsmanship and passion. A work of art.
The production of the Sawyer, in a limited edition, is going to start this year.
Sawyer has won an IBDC / IF Award in 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan.

About the Company:


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